Today in the city Pacific Grove 24.02.2018
PODCAST: Group Nine Founder Ben Lerer On The Future Of News And Social Media

Ben Lerer, the CEO of Group Nine is building media brands made for new generation of audiences that get their news via Facebook and Twitter on smartphones instead of from cable TV in livings-rooms.

Homeowner Group Accused of Tree Cutting Settles for $360K

The city of Seattle will collect $360,000 from a group of West Seattle homeowners accused of having public trees cut down to improve their views.

Northern Indiana Group Seeking $51K for Feral Cat Center

A northern Indiana group is trying to raise $51,000 toward opening a feral cat emergency housing center.

The Latest: U.S. Catholic Group

The head of a U.S. group that has a clergy abuse database says revelations Pope Francis heard directly from a sex abuse survivor despite insisting he had never heard from victims points to "inexcusabl...

US Starts Iraq Drawdown After Defeat of Islamic State Group

Western contractors at coalition base: American troops start drawdown in Iraq following defeat of Islamic State group.

US starts Iraq drawdown after defeat of Islamic State group

Western contractors at a U.S.-led coalition base in Iraq say American troops have started to drawdown from the country following the defeat of the Islamic State group.

A Group Of Former Facebook & Google Employees Issue Warnings About Tech

Alarmed by the negative effects social networks and smartphones have had on society and mental health, a group of Silicon Valley technologists is coming together to challenge the companies they had a...

Group Linked to Syrian Former Al Qaeda Branch Says It Shot Down Russian Jet

AMMAN (Reuters) - A jihadist group linked to the former branch of al Qaeda in Syria claimed responsibility for shooting down a Russian SU-25...

'Grave concerns' about Nunes memo revealing sources, methods appear unfounded

The “grave concerns” expressed by leading Democrats and Justice Department officials in a ferocious – and failed – campaign to quash or delay the release of a memo highlighting alleged intelligence ab...

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